What exactly do I get on my “Tantric/ erotic Massage Service” booking?

We could describe the sessions as a slow buildup, deeply relaxing, highly sensual, and often dreamy. Our attendants give their best  to create a subtle, compelling, and tranquil environment in which she can play with the different aspects of your autonomic nervous system. The attendant tuned in to your breathing and body language, including during the massage in the first part of the session. Edging is also a part of what they do. In rare sessions, the undertones of a “sacred sex” experience (which can be loosely classified as “Tantric”) do play out.

If the lady visits me, will she be discreet upon arrival?
Absolutely, all of our girl look, dress and behave like perfect ladies in public, and naughty temptresses behind closes doors.

Can I decide wich lady I want to see upon arrival?
You can choose from our photo gallery, please, have in mind that we recommend to confirm your book at least 3 hours before, thus, we can provide the best service for you. Otherwise, we can find the best option to fits perfect to your requerements.

Can I book a dual experience with 2 therapist?
Yes! just ask for it and we will recommend the best options for you, right to your hotel room.